99923-13871 Suzuki wiring manual 1987 Bikes

1987 Suzuki wiring manual OEM 99923-13871

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1987 Suzuki ATV Motorcycle Wiring Diagram Manual. Some minor discoloration to cover. All text is clear and legible. This manual is intended to aid Suzuki dealers in tracing wiring circuits and trouble shooting electrics on 1987 "H" model motorcycles These wiring diagrams are for specifications for Suzuki motorcycles distributed in the United States and Canada “Very nice manual NO torn pages. discoloration to cover All print is clear and legible.” This manual covers the following models (as shown in photo 3): FA50H JR 50H GSX-R50H SP125H SP200H DS80H DR100JH DR125H DR200H GS450LH LS650PH/FH VS700GLPH/FH VS1400GLPH/FH GSX-R750H GSX-R1100H GV1400GDH/GCH LT50H LT80H LT125H LT185H LT230EH LT230SH LT-F230H LT300EH LT-4WDH LT250RH